• What types of payment do you support?

We have three possibility to pay your order, SWIFT (secure international bank transfer), Cryptocurrency (Any currency from the top 50 list of coinmarketcap), pay at face to face meet.

  • How can I pay using SWIFT?

Make order as usual, pick “Direct bank transfer” as payment method, you will receive an order message. After some time you will get welcome message about your order as well as bank details to transfer your money.

  • How can I pay using cryptocurrency?

Make order as usual, pick “Bitcoin/Altcoin” as payment method, you will receive an order message as well as you will see small widget with generated address to pay in BTC. Use that address to send your BTC.

  • How can I pay at face to face meet?

Just contact us via contact page and see how you can do it. 90% of time we are situated in Kyiv, Ukraine, so you can reach us there. The rest 10% our team is in the rest of the world, so it may be the case that we could meet you on your place.

  • How to pay in other cryptocurrency (LTC, ETH, XMR, DGB…)?

For this purpose contact us via contact page and you will be given with address to use.

  • How can I be sure when I send money?

First of all, we work on our reputation and you can always get in touch with us, we answer usually during 24 hours. You can always google our site and credentials and see if there were any case of fraud or not, usually you will find such situation in 1-3 minutes if any internet resource was captured on such scheme.

  • How can I be sure when I send money using SWIFT?

This is very frequent question and the answer is fairly straightforward. When you use the SWIFT, especially in Ukraine you can ALWAYS track that person from any country, because that credentials, which are given are very tightly coupled with the person.

  • What types of delivery do you have?

We deliver as you wish. Most common delivery is using our partner’s delivery company, which delivers to the doors fast and easy.