Antminer S9 with PSU (USED)

$500 $440

The most efficient Bitcoin miner is for sale.


Antminer S9 — is the most powerful device for mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Today at the top of its hashrate it could give you the biggest amount of Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash per 1TH. Hashrate range is 13-14 TH/s, it depends on current version at the factory.

  • Hash Rate: 13TH/s, 13.5TH/s & 14TH/s, depending on batch. Variation of ±5% is expected
  • Power Consumption: 1274W (13TH/s batch), 1323W (13.5TH/s batch), 1372W (14TH/s batch) (at the wall, with Bitmain’s APW3 PSU,93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temp). Expected discrepancy of +10%
  • Power Efficiency: 0.098 J/GH +10% at the wall (with Bitmain’s APW3 PSU, 93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temp)
  • Rated Voltage: 11.60 ~13.00V
  • Chip quantity per unit: 189x BM1387
  • Dimensions: 350mm(L) x 135mm(W) x 158mm(H)
  • Cooling: 2x 12038 fans; Front fan: 6000rpm, Rear fan: 4300rpm
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
  • Network Connection: Ethernet
  • Frequency: Automatically set


PSU APW3++ 1600 WATT – is the best power supply unit for any Bitmain Antminer device, especially powerful for Antminer S9. The APW3++ can deliver a maximum power of only 1600W if it is connected to a 220-240V mains power supply.


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