Baikal Miner Giant+

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Baikal miner Giant+ – best cryptocurrency miner for X13, X14, X15 and it is available.

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Baikal miner Giant+ – is the most efficient miner for algorithms X13, X14, X15. With its 2000 MH/s (± 10%) it produces a little noise but a lot of profit. The device supports 6 algorithms and jumping between them is a trifling matter. Stable and reliable miner Baikal Miner Giant+ is absolute leader in the current multi-algorithm industry.

  • Hashing algorithms: X11 / X13 / X14 / X15 / Quark / Qubit
  • Hash rate: 2000 MH/s (± 10%)
  • Power: 12V 6pin ATX Power
  • Interface: 1 X Ethernet
  • Temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃
  • Dimensions: 300 mm (length) x 140 мм (width) x 125 (height)
  • Weight: 2980 g

Due to the fast growing mining industry, such miners as Baikal Miner Giant+ become leaders in some algorithms for the moment of their availability, and some other devices as older gpu mining rigs become much less profitable. This reliable device can still profit on all of its algorithms according to and with its low power consumption it is the best option for home mining and long term investment.

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Additional information

Weight 2980 kg
Dimensions 30 × 14 × 12.5 cm


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